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[110319] ZY @ 2011 Live Day

19 Mar

I haven’t been up-to-date with the performances of underground artists but I happen to see this in my Youtube subscription. I miss Z! I didn’t forget how awesome his voice was and how good their music is.

ZY, Phonebooth, Hot Potato & EZ Hyoung @ Green Plugged Festival

25 May

If I had attended this in Korea, I wouldn’t make it back to the states. This festival was infested with freakin awesome music~ Indie is ♥

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[100317] ZY & Yoon Hwa Jae In @ Music Travel La La La

17 Mar

ZY is <33333333333333 and Yoon Hwa Jae In in the 2nd song sounded great! I really really like the 1st video. I just fell in love with the guitar thingy..

ZY performs Gotta Let’ Cha & Dragonfly

7 Mar

I was SO excited when I saw these posted up today at their Cyworld club. Though they are from last month, I haven’t seen them~ I think I’m starting to like LMNOP too but I can’t really find much about him yet.

Gotta Let’ Cha ft LMNOP (originally features with Outsider also)

Dragonfly ft LMNOP

New ZY pics

28 Feb

I think they’re planning on a 2nd album? I don’t know. Couldn’t understand but I hope so XD

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Zooropa Yellow releases new single featuring Outsider & LMNOP

30 Jan

*click for full size*

Gotta Let’ Cha (Single)

01. Gotta Let’ Cha (ft. Outsider & LMNOP)
02. 잠자리 (Feat. LMNOP)
03. Gotta Let’ Cha (Original Version)
04. 잠자리 (Original Version)


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[Profile] ZY (Zooropa Yellow)

24 Jan

Today I stray away from Kpop and go more into K-underground (or whatever you’d like to call it XD) I’d like to introduce ZY to the blog because I absolutely love their songs. They are relaxing and soothing melodies to the ear ^_^

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