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[Lyrics][K][R][T]: Dia – 이젠 안녕 (Goodbye)

6 May

Hey guys ! Sorry for not posting any translations in so long .. WordPress has been giving me a hard time not letting me post anything >_>”

But anyways I hope I manage to post this one ! And as always if you have any requests feel free to ask .

Goodbye by DIA

Dia – 이젠 안녕 (Goodbye Now)
Released: 2010.04.19
Genre: Ballad

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Translation and Lyrics: MPEG – ‘Somewhere’ 가시나 (Feat.성지혜,Big Shot)

15 Mar

This is the song of the week March 13th, 2010

엠펙(MPEG) – 가시나 (Somewhere) (Feat.성지혜,Big Shot)
MPEG Project 1
Released: 2010.01.06
Genre: Blues/Hip Hop/Ballad

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Translation and Lyrics: Sprinkler – 연인이 친구가 되던 날

12 Mar

This is the song of the week March 6th, 2010

스프링클러 (Sprinkler) – The Day Of Those Friends
1st – Dreamer
Released: 2007.10.16
Genre: Modern Rock

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[Lyrics][K][R] Baby G – Cryin Part II

13 Feb

Cryin Part II (Single)
Released: 2010.02.12


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[Lyrics][K][R] Baby G – 흔한 사랑이야기 (Common Love Story)(Single)

12 Dec

Baby G Profile

흔한 사랑이야기 (Common Love Story)(Single)

01. 흔한 사랑이야기 ft. 한지은 (Han Ji Eun)
02. Cryin
03. 흔한 사랑이야기 (Inst.)
04. Cryin (Inst.)

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