MV Teaser: 4th Floor’s Tonight

6 Jun

Buzz’s previous first guitarist Son Sung Hee and his band 4th Floor has released their newest single “New Born.” The title track “Tonight” is a rock track with an intense beat and strong melody.

Fourth Floor released their first single late last year. On the 10th, along with other El Company artists, Fourth Floor will be at the Olympic Hall Muse Live for the “El Company” concert.

Below are a few pics of the trio & a little info of the members.

I really love their sound from what I am hearing so far.

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[120511] Navi Cover Updates

11 May

Ah, it’s been a long while since I have last made a post on Navi. She’s been fairly busy with singing for a few OSTs and being on radio shows. Earlier this year, she was on Immortal Song 2 as well.

Her Cyworld fan club decided to switch to Daum and switching to Daum makes it oh, so much harder for me to get her videos as getting videos from there takes hours if not all day! Anywho, below are just some covers she has done the last couple of months like Karina’s Slow Motion, 2ne1’s Fire, GOD’s Lies, Justin Bieber’s Baby and Katy Perry’s The One That Got Away. It’s a really late upload but hope that you guys will still enjoy them still.

Jiggy Dogg has just released their newest single “Drinking is the Root of All Evil” featuring who else but Navi. It’s a really good track, showcasing that beautiful voice we all love.

Below you will be able to view some of the covers Navi did recently.
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Dia to release “Wedding” on the 11th

9 May

Dia will be releasing a love serenade album titled “Wedding” on May 11th. Her agency officials announced on the 10th that the album will be available with such songs from her previous albums and singles like “Slowly Feel My Eyes”, “하루종일 비가 내렸어 (It Rained All Day),” and “바보처럼 좋아해.” “Wedding” will be out at midnight on various online sites.

It’s great to know that she will be including a lot of her sweet ballad tracks that showcases her powerful voice. I cannot wait for the full album to release and hope that she will be able to perform this time around. Who’s excited?! =)

MV Teaser: Hwan Young’s But, I Luv U…

8 May

Winning the 2008 & 2009 JACCOM song festival award in Japan for his musical skills and featured in hip hop group MENTOR’s Stock Car Race February single, talented Hwan Young has released his first single. His track “But, I Luv U…” is an emotional ballad reaching out with the melody and lyrics to tell a heartbreaking farewell story.

After listening to the beginning of the song, I got hooked! ^-^ You can listen to the full track below~

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A-DL releases first single “Carnation”

8 May

Four member group A-DL consists of 영웅 (Young Woong), leader 이음 (Lee Eum), 정상 (Jung Sang) and 허만 (Heo Man). Chosen by 920 producer who has also managed Jo In Sung, Kim Bum, Yoo Gun and Run, new group A-DL has prepared five years for their debut. “Carnation” is a song about our parent’s love to us.

The song is sweet, with a good melody and great vocals. Hope to know more about them!~

Individual pictures of each member are posted below. For now, I don’t have much info on them.

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[120505] Dia Cyworld Update

5 May

Dia shares two new pictures from her Cyworld. She doesn’t say much, just “ho ho” on one picture. I guess she cut her hair?? =)

Waiting for her new single to be released this month!

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New MVs: DOZ’s Love is Over & Bad Boy

4 May

DOZ is a hilarious duo (Jun Sung and Ki Wook) who does not place a limit on music genre. They continually release catchy songs back to back filled with humor and trend. The two just released their newest album “Love is Over” consisting of a short but beautiful interlude, two new tracks “Bad Boy” and “Love is Over” and a piano remix track of one of their hits “Arigato Gozaimasu.”

They have released two music videos for “Love is Over” and “Bad Boy.” The videos make you laugh because of their dorkiness but the music is just perfect.

You can check out the two music videos below. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait for the next parts of the videos that will come out on their Youtube channel! Look forward to them soon and remember to support them~

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