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Chung Lim off to the army

2 Aug

Chung Lim, who has disappeared since his last single in early 2010 with a few shows he also participated in up until earlier this year, has quietly entered the army. I’m not entirely sure when but from one of his fan’s Cyworld, you can see below him and the rest of his group.

The Chinese drama “Queen of Coffee” that he acted in was suppose to broadcast this July. I am not too sure if it already has or not.

See you in two years Chung Lim!

credits; Cyworld

Chung Lim’s profile picture changes~

10 Mar

into a hotter one lol! It changed on Nate, Naver and Daum~ and new one too! my heart’s racing…beating…so fast haha. they’re teasing us!!! i wanna see his new pics already, his new concept, his comeback~

Chung Lim wears an LED watch~

6 Mar

kya! He’s so cute XD

Chung Lim Update~

29 Jan

It’s not surprising at all that Chung Lim lifts my mood anytime I’m feeling down. Anywho, I just wanted to say that right now  he’s training very hard with his vocals, so hard I think he got sick? Or it’s either he was vocal training and he also got sick. One of those….

Next Saturday is Chung Lim’s birthday! hehe. I can’t wait for that. I wonder if he’ll update us with anything..

Anyway, I come to update with a few unseen pictures ^_^

v haha, he’s eating a banana~

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[091108] Chung Lim Dream Team Photos

7 Nov

A sneak peek of Chung Lim at Dream Team today ^____^ The video isn’t out yet so I haven’t downloaded it but once it’s out I’ll sure upload it.

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Chung Lim Dream Team Photo with Random Pics

3 Nov

Thanks to dear Tiki I have one more Dream Team photo but it’s much more special because this one he smiles! hahaha…..gah, how I miss him so but I’ll get to see him soon. hehe


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Chung Lim Dream Team Photos

1 Nov

Remember my rant?

Refresh your memory



well, I said I wasn’t going to update lol but I just have to..haha.

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