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[#1] I spy with my four eyes…

30 Oct

Who is it ??


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Chung Lim to temporarily replace Jo Sung Mo on Dream Team 2

28 Oct


As much as I hope Jo Sung Mo to get better, I cannot help but be thankful for a great opportunity for Chung Lim. I wonder how they chose Chung Lim. Maybe his athleticism? He was in Dream so I think that’s why. But anywho, let’s hope Jo Sung Mo gets better. A fractured ankle is no fun. I know that because I’ve sprained my ankle numerous times. (Yes, I’m a very clumsy person XD) and let’s hope Chung Lim has a great time on Dream Team 2! You know what that means??! Cuts! Hehe….I will make them once they come…I can’t wait =D I’m excited ^__^ Should I be? I haven’t even done Dream cuts either T_T…

I’ve only seen one part of Dream Team 2. It was funny (because of Danny Ahn) but with Chung Lim it’ll definitely be worth it.

Get well Jo Sung Mo! (I like his songs :))


[Pic] Chung Lim for Teams Spolham

25 Oct

wowzers, he looks mighty good hehe ^^  Though I had to keep staring at this picture to make sure it was him…Looking at him makes me miss him more though T_T

I think this must have been taken……a little bit before Dream was going to end…judging from his hair….

His picture is so low quality. All the other celebs had like HQ photos T_T. Oh well..

Oh and if you guys don’t know he’s nominated for rookie male singer for Mnet MAMA award thingy…though there’s a high chance he won’t win I don’t mind because I was surprised he was nominated anyway =D

Eye Candy: Chung Lim’s Abs!

17 Oct

Lee Ki Gwang (AJ) vs Lee Joon: Showdown on Chocolate Abs!

See! What did I say?! If Chung Lim was to be in a group it should have been MBLAQ (but i still like him solo)….come on! If Chung Lim was to be in there, it’d be a more fierce competition and wouldn’t that just be pure awesomeness??!! And he does have the abs~

I, of course, being the Chung Lim ‘fanatic’ that I am…haha…would vote for Chung Lim but he doesn’t have the best abs. I’m not so crazy about a guy’s body….sure, it’s cool if they’re fit and muscular like Chung Lim’s but for me, that’s not his best feature anyway. His best feature would have to be….his dorky smile? his adorable laugh? his husky voice? ah, too hard to choose so I’ll just go with all of Chung Lim haha

click to see his hot bod!
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If Chung Lim was to be in a male group…

15 Oct

I’d want him to be in…..

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[Profile] Chung Lim

13 Oct

The reason behind my obsession of Chung Lim:

When he first debuted, practically no one knew of him. I saw an article written on him on allkpop but no one really knew that he had debuted and they didn’t really like him because well, he wasn’t the greatest singer. Though he wasn’t able to sing well, the thing that made me appreciate him more was because he always sang live, no matter what. Image-wise, I think they thought he was pretty okay though some kept saying he looks like Kim Hee Chul of Super Junior. Since I love underrateds, I decided to do some research on him and I also created his thread on Soompi.  He has successfully acted in the SBS drama “Dream” alongside Kim Bum, Joo Jin Mo and Son Dam Bi as one of the Flower Fighters. He is successfully modeling for Jambangee with actress Han Hyo Joo and for Suga Point. Even though people like his husky voice and his adorable smile that comes along with his cute dimples, he still isn’t getting appreciated. The rest is history. I consider myself his #1 international fan or at least I hope so because I do do a lot of research on him, daily!

Chung Lim

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