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Chung Lim as “Daily Wedding Man” (Official pictures)

23 Jun

New Ystar show “Daily Wedding Man” will air July 6th I think XD *heart attack* He’s with 5 different women….lucky them~ And one of them is the Apple girl, Kim Yeo Hee. Gah, I’m so jealous haha

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Chung Lim Wedding Photoshoot~

16 Jun

Can’t wait to see the official ones XD I think this is for TVN’s The Marrying Man =)


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Chung Lim sports a new hair cut~

8 Jun

@ MTV The M

wow, love him but…this outfit kills everything…*gulps*…XDDDD

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Chung Lim preview on TVN’s New Dining Table

4 Jun

Chung Lim will be TVN’s new show “신의 밥상 (New Dining Table?)”. It will air on June 23rd ^_^ I don’t know what exactly it is lol but he looks so cute… Must be some cooking show or somewhat haha. Can’t wait~

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Chung Lim releases MV for ballad track “가슴이 버려야”

27 May

He acts pretty okay in here. Makes me want him to act more now haha. Maybe he’ll get a bigger role later this year. But I’m no fan of the kissing in the MV lol

Chung Lim @ The M Wave

25 May

and his Showbiz Extra interview ^_^
He’s improving so well.~

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[100523] JQ & Chung Lim @ M Super Concert

24 May

well, lame-o me…if I had known who was performing I’d put them all in one post instead of 3..XD

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