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Chung Lim for Loen K

12 Dec

I posted before that he and the Dream Team 2 cast were endorsing a watch brand or something but well, I’m kind of slow but Chung Lim is actually endorsing Loen K. I think it’s like a watch and stock kind of company. On their official site http://loenk.co.kr the bgm is Chung Lim’s Step. Furthermore, he’s on the page! ^^

go under the cut for more pics

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Chung Lim Dream Team 2 Departure

9 Dec

Well, I think he’s leaving Dream Team….at least from what I’m getting from my loser skill of translating from his fan cafe….if I’m wrong, my bad ^__________________^

Him leaving Dream Team is great for me. Not in a bad way though. Since I haven’t seen it, I won’t miss anymore. And…..maybe then he’ll have time to prepare for his next album~ =)

Chung Lim and Run on Dream Team 2

6 Dec

hehe…I like the both of them, well, you know who I love more anyway but….this is a cap from Dream Team 2. I was wondering when Run was going to show up. But anywho…….they are looking good. But it just makes me miss Chung Lim more. It’s not that he’s not doing anything but I just miss him performing on the music stages….

credits to Chung Lim’s fan cafe

Chung Lim Dream Team Photos

1 Nov

Remember my rant?

Refresh your memory



well, I said I wasn’t going to update lol but I just have to..haha.

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[#1] I spy with my four eyes…

30 Oct

Who is it ??


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