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[120725] Navi @ EBS Space

1 Aug

Recently, Navi was on EBS Space with diva Ali. She sang different renditions of some of her songs like “Heart Damage” as well as “놀라워라” as well as covers of Mama Do (Pixie Lott) and Billie Jean (MJ).

Check out the rest of the amazing performances below.

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[120511] Navi Cover Updates

11 May

Ah, it’s been a long while since I have last made a post on Navi. She’s been fairly busy with singing for a few OSTs and being on radio shows. Earlier this year, she was on Immortal Song 2 as well.

Her Cyworld fan club decided to switch to Daum and switching to Daum makes it oh, so much harder for me to get her videos as getting videos from there takes hours if not all day! Anywho, below are just some covers she has done the last couple of months like Karina’s Slow Motion, 2ne1’s Fire, GOD’s Lies, Justin Bieber’s Baby and Katy Perry’s The One That Got Away. It’s a really late upload but hope that you guys will still enjoy them still.

Jiggy Dogg has just released their newest single “Drinking is the Root of All Evil” featuring who else but Navi. It’s a really good track, showcasing that beautiful voice we all love.

Below you will be able to view some of the covers Navi did recently.
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MV Teaser: Navi ft. Noel – 그대여서

27 Mar

Navi and Noel teams up to release a Cyworld Music project single “Together Forever.”

So far it sounds pretty good! =) Cannot wait to hear the full song.

[110924] Navi’s 2nd Concert Fancams & Pictures

26 Sep

Navi’s “Diary Concert” is her second concert taken place just a few days ago. I was able to find some fancams where she did a full cover of G.NA’s Black & White, as well as her own songs Diary and Listen Until the End.

She did perform more songs but the fancams were too static-y and loud. Below you can view pictures from her concert.

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[110825] Navi performs Well Done @ Music Festival

29 Aug

Navi performs Well Done at the Hansan Festival on August 25th.

[110824] Navi @ KBS Cheongju Rainbow

25 Aug

On Navi’s appearance at KBS Cheonju’s Rainbow, she sang her tracks Diary, Well Done, Listen Until the End, and Wasteful Tears. She also did a medley of T-ara’s Roly Poly, Miss A’s Goodbye Baby & UV’s Lee Tae Won Freedom.

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[110824] Navi @ Noh Hong Chul’s Best Friend Radio

25 Aug

Navi covers Rihanna’s Love the Way You Lie & sings I’m Waiting For You.

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