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[111023] Black Rhymer debuts on Live Power Music

25 Oct

Bad Boss Company’s newest artist Black Rhymer released her first single back in September. She performs her debut track “껌” with One Kill of Soul Harmony. She worked underground for seven years and recently broke up with her boyfriend of three years. Her voice is as amazing as One Kill’s.

[101215] Soul Harmony with After School, T-ara, etc.

25 Dec

Taken backstage of Inkigayo~~

Other artists they took pictures with are December, Jung Yong Hwa, Baek Ji Young, Dong Yoon and JJ.

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[101211] Soul Harmony on Music Core

10 Dec

Soul Harmony rocks the stage with “If In Love.” Ga Yeon looks super gorgeous and One Kill kills the stage! XD Too bad the performance was short~

[101203] Soul Harmony debuts on Music Bank!

3 Dec

Not knowing Soul Harmony was going to perform tonight, I have to say this was a very pleasant surprise =) Their great live performance wows me each time I get to hear them~ Check their performance out ^____^

[101202] Soul Harmony performs “If In Love”

2 Dec

One Kill and Ga Yeon performs live at M Super Concert with their debut track “If In Love.” Check out the great (but short) performance~

Soul Harmony’s One Kill garners attention for having high voice

27 Nov

Soul Harmony’s male vocalist One Kill has been garnering attention for having a high singing voice. Some may say it’s creepy, I like to say AWESOME! XD I think it’s unique and really cool. Plus, he can sing live very well. Check out some live clips below. The most recent video is of his cover of Lee Eun Mi’s song “헤어지는 중입니다.” Soul Harmony also did a cover of Davichi’s “시간아 멈춰라.”

Below are more recent clips of their covers~

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