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Ilac collabs with Outsider for “장난친거”

25 Jan

Although Outsider has already enlisted in the military, you can still hear him in this collaboration with solo singer Ilac was released today. Ilac’s powerful voice alongside Outsider’s smooth rap creates an upbeat and refreshing track =)

[101201] Soul Harmony poses with Girl’s Day & more

2 Dec

Soul Harmony poses with Girls Day, Supreme Team, Outsider and Can =) These were from the Nov. 20th and Nov. 30th recording of Live Power Music.

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[101107] Outsider with Kuan & Park Ki Young @ The M Wave

8 Nov

On the most recent episode of the M Wave, we have Kuan featuring with Outsider for their track “Break Up Attitude” and Park Ki Young with her comeback song “The Lights.”

Navi’s Covers (April-September 2010) [mp3 downloads]

19 Sep

I stayed up (doing my mom’s project and) updating Navi’s list of covers last night/this morning~ I last stopped updating from late April so you guys will be able to see a list of her covers since. As before, I only created audio files for the songs that were most popular. They’re not really good but there’s always that time where you want to listen to one of Navi’s amazing covers on your mp3 player and maybe now you can listen to it XD I also reuploaded all the former 4shared links to Mediafire links (since 4shared has a super long wait time now).

I spent the day creating this “promo” video for Navi’s covers (took a while to sync it well) so I hope you guys enjoy that too~

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[100526] Bora unplugged with Outsider & Boni

26 May

I totally enjoyed watching this and do not regret downloading/buying it. They sound great live and Boni looks so pretty here =)

Outsider & Boni sounds fabulous together here~ Her voice gives me goosebumps ❤

*edit: and thanks to Mnet, I had to re-upload them all. T_T*

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Blockbuster Records “Block TV” promo video~

17 May

I think Blockbuster Records (or just Blockbuster, I don’t know..) is like a project group consisting of Outsider, LMNOP, Curious, Randong and Sunday2PM (Jebag & Deffinite) ^_^ I enjoyed watching the video, it was kind of cute watching them and the songs sound pretty good =)

view the video under the cut~

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Ilac featured in Outsider’s new album “The Outsider”

1 Mar

Ilac sounds great and of course, Outsider’s rap is pure love…
yesterday when I saw Ilac listed as one of the featured artist, I was so excited. Now I get to listen to it~ XD
Enjoy the song.