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Navi’s Covers (April-September 2010) [mp3 downloads]

19 Sep

I stayed up (doing my mom’s project and) updating Navi’s list of covers last night/this morning~ I last stopped updating from late April so you guys will be able to see a list of her covers since. As before, I only created audio files for the songs that were most popular. They’re not really good but there’s always that time where you want to listen to one of Navi’s amazing covers on your mp3 player and maybe now you can listen to it XD I also reuploaded all the former 4shared links to Mediafire links (since 4shared has a super long wait time now).

I spent the day creating this “promo” video for Navi’s covers (took a while to sync it well) so I hope you guys enjoy that too~

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Baily Shoo covers Gee, acoustic version!~

8 Jun

wow, loving this version ^^

Navi’s Covers (MP3 Downloads)

22 Apr

I was a bit bored last night and decided to create mp3 versions to Navi’s covers. I know at least a few people also wanted them. It took me awhile to create the files as I tried to tag them with correct song titles. If there is a cover that I missed and you’d like it to be in mp3 format, just shoot me a message with the Youtube link, if there is one. ^^

*Note: I only made mp3 versions of covers I assumed people would most likely want or some of my favorite ones. For Dia covers, I will make them another day since I got tired XD.

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